How Can You Flavor Smoke for Your Smoker?

Smokers are known for giving a perfect smoky taste to the food. However, you will only get a better flavour and aroma if you are using actual wood for cooking food in a traditional smoker.

Nowadays, most people use propane gas smoker or electric smoker for cooking food. While both these methods give perfect taste to your food, it lacks in the smoky wood part.

Wood is the best type of fuel you can use in a smoker as well as a grill to make the food smokier. While charcoal is a good replacement, the smoky taste is no match for wood.

Because of this reason, many people try to artificially flavour the smoker for a better smoky taste.

If you are struggling to get the perfect wood smoky taste in your food with gas or electric smoker, we can help you.

We will show you how to flavour smoke for your smoker to make the food smoker and tasty.

How to Get Smoky Flavor with Your Smoker?

If you are using a smoker but unable to get enhanced smoky flavour, here are some methods you can use. It will help you to create a smoky flavour in the food.

Use Traditional Smoker with Wood :

In order to get the perfect Smokey taste in the food, you can use a traditional smoker. In this type of smoker, wood and charcoal are used as fuel. It is the best way to flavour smoke. You need to use a traditional smoker and add wood to cook food. When you naturally use wood for cooking, it will give smokier flavour to the food. This is the cheap and best option to get a smoky flavour. There are many people who still use this method to cook food.

Add Smoking Chips to Your Smoker:

Another thing you can do to get smoke flavour is to use wood chips. There are wood smoking chips available in the market. You can purchase it from online stores. If you cannot use actual wood in a smoker, you can use wood chips instead. Most of the people, who use gas, charcoal or electric smoker, use this method.

There are many different types and brands of wood chips available in the market. It is specially made to give enhanced smoky flavour. There is a space given in most modern smoker where you can place these chips. The chips will start giving smoke when it comes in contact with heat. Most of the chips will give you smoke flavour for 15 minutes.

Use Wood Pieces and Planks:

If you don’t want to invest your money in wood chips, you can use wood pieces instead. There are many people who use actual wood pieces while cooking in a gas or electric smoker. If it is a traditional smoker, you can easily add wood, but with a modern smoker, it becomes complicated. To solve this problem, people use actual wood pieces and burn them near the smoker.

They cut small pieces of wood and put it on the smoker so that the food can get a smoky flavour. You can also use a wooden plank for cooking. You need to soak a wooden plan and use it with a smoker to cook food. Place the food on the wood so that it can get the flavour.

Liquid Smoke:

This is another method you can use. Liquid smoke is the easiest way to give a smoky flavour to the food. It is made from burning wood chips. The smoke is condensed and collected to be used as an ingredient. You can add it to the marinade, seasoning or rub it on the food to give it smoke flavour. However, there are many health concerns about this ingredient. It contains a high amount of sodium which is not good for health. But if you still want to use it, just add a few drops to the food, and you will get the taste.

Smoked Salt and Spices:

You can also add smoked salt and spices to your food to make it taste smokier while cooking it in a smoker. Most the people smoke salts and herbs at home and use it as smoking ingredients. If you don’t want to do it at home, you can purchase it from the market. There are packaged smoked salts and herbs which help you to make food smokier.

LapsangSouchong Tea:

If you want to add smoky taste to the food, you can take lapsangsouchong tea leaves and grind it. It is a natural smoky ingredient. Many people use it while cooking vegetarian dishes. It gives meaty taste to the food. This leaves originated in China. It is dried on wood to make it last longer. Because of this reason, the leaves get a smoky taste.


This is another thing you can use to get the smoke flavour. It has a naturally sweet and smoky taste. Barbeque sauce is made using this ingredient. It is where the sauce gets smoke flavour. You can add it to various dishes to make it taste smoky. You can simply brush this ingredient on top of the food in the smoker.

Smoked Bacon:

You can also try cooking smoked bacon in a smoker first so that the smoky flavour and aroma get retained in it. After that, you can cook the actual food with smoke flavour. When you cook bacon, it naturally produces too much smoke as the fats get burnt. You can use it to get the smoke flavour in your smoker.

Smoked Olive Oil:

You can also purchase smoked olive oil from the market and add it to the food. When you cook food in a smoker, you can sprinkle some smoked olive oil on top. It will enhance the smoke flavour. This oil is specially made by infusing smoke flavour in it. Many people use it to prepare smoky food.

These are the different methods you can try to flavour smoker for your smoker. Out of all these methods, the best one is to use wood chips as it is simple, easy and effective.

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